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Why you need me

Public Service Workforces are under pressure every day. I hear first hand how Prison Officers, Social Workers and Support Workers are having to manage those most in need. I hear stories from staff of how they want to make a difference but struggle to maintain belief in times of austerity.

If this is your team then one of my keynotes will give your staff the lift that will enable them to continue to offer the support to those most in need. 

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“It was not the system that rehabilitated me it was the individuals that worked within it”

My inspirational talks explain how no intervention is wasted and how we are all part of the clients  journey of change.

I will share stories of the individuals that impacted my life over 20 years. These stories will bring value to what your staff deliver everyday. 

Key take-aways

Your staff will walk away from keywords knowing that every contact counts and that they do make a difference. They will reconnect with the passion for what they do and know that they can make a difference every day as people change people.

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  • All Staff Briefs
  • Team Meetings
  • Team Away Days
  • Staff Conferences
  • Stakeholders Events
  • After Dinner Speeches
  • Fundraising Events

All of my Keynotes can be adapted to meet your needs.

Services - Training & Workshops

I offer content packed days that leave your team inspired and empowered to achieve

Package 1


(20 Staff Max)

3 hours

Art of Communication Workshop

This Workshop focuses on existing Staff and reengaging them with the main purpose of the role in relation to supporting independence and change. The workshop also offers the opportunity for staff to share the barriers that may get in the way of developing staff/client relationships. The session will support staff in reengaging in the ‘why’ they come to work and ‘how’ they can support the clients they serve.

Package 2

Day Programme 9am - 4pm

(20 Staff Max)

Art of Communication Day Programme

This Day Programme focuses on staff within their first 18 months of employment  and how they can develop the skills that support the clients through effective interventions. The Programme increases personal self awareness and emotional intelligence that enables staff to be efficient in their delivery and enables them to be both personable and professional so as to maintain boundaries that support change. 

Package 3

Experiential Learning Programme 9am - 4pm

(20 Staff Max)

Art of Communication Day Programme (Experiential Learning Programme)

This Programme is delivered over 10 weeks and is designed to increase participant’s levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This will enhance their ability to engage and support those most in need and support positive organisational outcomes. Due to the design, this programme also has the ability to embed learning and will identify if staff are using the strategies to improve engagement with residents.

Services - Buy One Give one

It's about give and take

This offer comes from the initiative that was the brainchild of Toms Shoes. Toms decided that for every pair of Tom shoes sold they would donate a pair of Tom shoes to residents of countries that are unable to buy shoes for themselves or their families. 

Throughout my professional career I have listened to many inspirational speakers, all of whom have had variations of impact on my personal development, and that have ultimately led to my personal and professional success.

When I decided to become an Inspirational Speaker I realised that those that who could most benefit from my talks were not the ones attending these events.

My offer means that if you are a Prison, Charity or Local Authority I will deliver a FREE talk to the clients you support. 

The talk I offer is called ‘Change is Possible’ – I begin by connecting with them, as they will see that I have walked in their shoes… The talk will promote ‘Personal Responsibility’ and will unpick the blocks that get in the way of CHANGE. 


The delegates will walk away with a feeling of hope and the understanding of how to both ‘Ask for help’, but more importantly ‘How to Accept’ the help that is offered.

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