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Darron Barnes

My first meeting with Gethin was suggested by a friend, who talked highly of his services. Suggesting that he could help myself and my business through the difficult time I was facing.

To give a small insight my sales were down, I had cash flow issues and was struggling to get a two year project to market while trying to deliver custom orders of small value. Commitments I had taken on when business was strong.

For a one man band the task of having to do R&D, Product Manufacturing, Dispatches, Stock Control and all the admin on top was a real juggling act. Leaving me both stressed and exhausted.

Meeting with Gethin the first time I saw as a distraction and I didn’t hold out much hope that he could do much for me. Yeah OK! So I was wrong, hence why I am writing this testimonial.

Immediately I took to Gethin, he presented himself as being a positive, energised person with a very clear approach to the problems I faced. A salt of the earth type of guy.

Without writing an essay, in short he helped me to realise key issues and gave me advice on tools that I could implement to turn the business around. And that is what has happened, and in an incredible small space of time, of just two months! This equates to two 2 hour sessions with him.

A small insight to where the business is now. The two year project is now complete and is awaiting independent EU testing, and will be in the market place in the next 4 weeks. Custom orders have all been delivered, sales have picked up slightly, a sensible advertising program put in place and rebuilding a cash flow has begun.

It’s clear that Wickham Soaps still has some way to go and with future sessions booked with Gethin it gives me reassurance that things will grow and go from strength to strength.

Would I recommend Gethin services to friends? I have already, and I am now to you reading this.

I can’t say it enough, thank you again Gethin!

May your success continue.

Darron Barnes, Artisan Soap maker & Perfumer


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