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Unconscious Incarceration

Do you feel as though you are constantly making the same mistakes, are trapped in hopeless cycles or find yourself asking, “Why does this happen to me?”

This book is not for those who want to keep making excuses for all the tragedy and trauma in their life. It is for you if you wish to transform your life. The key to unlocking your true potential is found within…

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“I know the author and have personally met Gethin Jones. This book is a really no holds barred account of his life and how he managed to turn things around and change. We can all change our mindset for the better.”

John Bowles – Amazon

“Great book on mindset, great to get you motivated if your procrastinating.”

Chritian Liddle – Amazon

“I found it really hard to put this book down, I usually loss interest or get distracted by other pressures but I’m proud to say I finished reading this book. Great read and I would definitely recommend others to purchase it. Gethin, I really appreciate you expressing your journey.”

Marsha Spencer – Amazon

How to F**k Up and still succeed

Have you ever F**ked up and become stuck? You find yourself trapped because you can’t beat your bad habits?

You want a better job or to grow or create a new business, improve your relationships or your health. Instead of achieving these dreams, you’re just wasting time dreaming on the sofa and watching everyone else grow. In 2006, Gethin was well and truly ‘stuck’, with a prison record and a heroin addiction. Gethin took action, and today he’s a healthy, successful, respected and trusted business owner, inspirational speaker, friend, dad, son and partner.He f**ked up and still succeeded and he wants to share his Think it – Say it – Do it (#TISIDI) method that made it happen.

Don't Miss Out!

“Love this book, love Gethin’s first book too! Real, raw, motivational – I’ve gifted multiple copies to people who need to hear his story. Life can change.”

Tammy Banks – Amazon

“Read this last night on about an hour and half and felt much more positive for reading it. Have woken up today with a think it say it do it positive attitude and will only deal with radiators from now on!.”

Laura Brown – Amazon

“This is an excellent book. Simple and practical, easy to understand yet with some deep teaching. I heartily recommend it.”

Brian Porter – Amazon

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