Package 1 Agenda


(20 staff maximum)

3 hours

The programme will start with my own story. This story will show how individuals within Prisons and wider support services engaged me and supported my transformation. I will also share my professional experience of supporting vulnerable groups. The programmes will increase participant’s levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This will enhance their ability to engage and support those most in need and support positive organisational outcomes.

The course will include:

  • My story
  • What is the Prison Officer Role – Understanding of role and responsibility.
  • Rapport/relationship building – How this links to supporting residents (Direct link to FMI training)
  • Narratives – Understanding both client’s and their own narratives.
  • Scenarios – Linked to their Prison Officer role.



  • Dr Eric Berne’s Parent-Adult-Child Model – This will increase personal awareness and show how communication styles can be adapted dependent on the residents individual needs.
  • Challenge and Support– I will be explaining how to best challenge and support and this will link to the Parent-Adult-Child model.
  • Relationship building – Steve Covey’s Emotional Bank – We will explore how to build relationships through rapport.
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