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I offer training and workshops that are full of content and leave your team inspired and empowered to achieve.

Workshop – (20 staff maximum, three hours)

Art of Communication Workshop

This Workshop focuses on existing Staff and reengaging them with the main purpose of the role in relation to supporting independence and change. The workshop also offers the opportunity for staff to share the barriers that may get in the way of developing staff/client relationships. The session will support staff in reengaging in the ‘why’ they come to work and ‘how’ they can support the clients they serve.

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Day Programme 9am – 4pm (20 Staff Maximum)

Art of Communication Day Programme

This Day Programme focuses on staff within their first 18 months of employment  and how they can develop the skills that support the clients through effective interventions. The Programme increases personal self awareness and emotional intelligence that enables staff to be efficient in their delivery and enables them to be both personable and professional so as to maintain boundaries that support change. 

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Experiential Learning Programme 9am – 4pm (20 Staff Maximum)

Art of Communication Day Programme (Experiential Learning Programme)

This Programme is delivered over 10 weeks and is designed to increase participant’s levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This will enhance their ability to engage and support those most in need and support positive organisational outcomes. Due to the design, this programme also has the ability to embed learning and will identify if staff are using the strategies to improve engagement with residents.

The programme will focus on how to develop relationships within a key-worker role that build trust and support personal responsibility and change. I will be linking the programme to my 10 years of experience in both working as a key-worker and managing teams that used the key-worker model.

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All programme will increase

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Create high functioning teams
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase positive outcomes 


Contact me for more details, you won’t be disappointed