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Keynote “The Cave”

This keynote looks at how people can become trapped by the safety and security of what they know.

This keynote is ideal for teams that are going through organisational change. It explores the two types of characteristics within your teams.

These are…

  • Change embracers
  • Change resisters

My keynote will link into my story of how I was a resister. I will share how this stunted me personally and professionally. I will then share the journey of becoming an embracer and where that has led me. 

My talk will explain how any resister can become an embracer. I will also share how embracers can support resisters. 

The audience will be inspired into action through my  Think it – Say it – Do it attitude

This talk leads onto another talk that focusses on those that may be at threat of redundancy. This talk is called “Opportunity Knocks”. Opportunity knocks can also be adapted into a workshop. Please contact me for more details