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Richard Weeks- Advocacy and support for Mental Health Services

I liked your informal and approachable manner. The discussion about the rubber band definitely got me thinking. I can apply that in my own life. I took away the think it say it do it slogan. The three levels of creation if you like… I’d forgotten about that and it was very useful to remember!

Ben Hornsby – Health Coach and Entrepreneur

I really enjoyed Gethins talk, I could relate to a lot of what he said as our lives are very similar. Gethin’s proof that no matter how low you go in life you can come back stronger and make something of yourself. 
What I found most interesting is that literally by changing your negative beliefs in to positive you can change your life for the better. I was captivated from the very minute he started talking , he’s a very confidant man who knows what he’s talking about. 

From attending your talk with three of my clients they said you were very inspiring and spoke at their level.  They understood everything you said and was clear about how you got to each stage of your journey. 

Maxine Neal – Community Inclusion Worker Two Saints Limited

They said the content was exactly the right amount of information. They all came out very upbeat and I have to say have not looked back since.  I also found it extremely positive as I feel anyone from any situation and background can gain from it as it instils self-belief in everyone.

Sandra Barefoot  – Programme Manager, The Forgiveness Project 

To hear Gethin speak is to realise the incredible journey another human being takes through life that presents such difficulty and yet who shows the immense resilience to choose a different way of living. 
Gethin’s story speaks of what it truly is to be human and how the internal resilience comes to show its true strength within all the suffering and struggles that life presented to him.


Sharon Furtado – Domestic Abuse Operations manager 

I left feeling motivated to really consider what I want to do in the long term, and how I can motivate my team to reflect on their own professorial and personal goals. I want to plant seeds of belief!

Stephen Morgan  – Labor MP Portsmouth South

Gethin delivers motivational speeches with passion and emotion. His life history has lessons for all and practical ideas to build confidence and personal resilience. A great public speaker! (LinkedIn Profile)

Alan Knobel – Substance Misuse Co-ordinator 

Gethin’s talk was inspirational ! To understand where he has come from and got to was impressive. The talk was well linked together and made me go away with a new way of thinking. (LinkedIn Profile)

Holly Lovejoy – Estates Manager Portsmouth City Council Housing

Gethin’s unrelenting positivity plus his belief in a better world and future is like catching a true breath of fresh air. I can’t wait to see what he achieves next. (LinkedIn Profile)

Marjory Preston – Owner, Preston Creative

Even if you think you are going okay in your life, Gethin can really help you to focus your beliefs and energy to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Haley Storey – Site Editor and Owner

Gethin has an interesting story and the way he delivers it is both engaging and moving. From beginning at rock bottom to changing his whole outlook to believe in himself is something that is inspiring and needs to be heard. (LinkedIn Profile)


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