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This series of inspirational talks is designed for young people aged 13 to 21

  • Young people who are about to leave School or College 
  • Young people who are unsure of their next step
  • Those who work with challenging young people who perhaps resist offers of help and support

My experience

My Inspirational talks have huge impact and will support aspirations and let them see their true potential. My talks are engaging and the young people will experience my journey through storytelling. 

They will be inspired by the story of how  I overcame my past and how I connected with my true potential. They will take away the take aways of how to recognise  the supporters within there lives that can help them become great individuals.

 Available keynotes:

These themes have been designed to give young people the skills and understanding to develop within their own lives and achieve unimaginable possibilities.

I am able to pass on details of clients that will give you feedback on the impact my talk has had with their young people


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