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Buy One Give One 

This offer comes from the initiative that was the brainchild of Toms Shoes. Toms decided that for every pair of Tom shoes sold they would donate a pair of Tom shoes to residents of countries that are unable to buy shoes for themselves or their families. 

Throughout my professional career I have listened to many inspirational speakers, all of whom have had variations of impact on my personal development, and that have ultimately led to my personal and professional success.

When I decided to become an Inspirational Speaker I realised that those that who could most benefit from my talks were not the ones attending these events.

This led to the birth of my

‘Buy One Give One’ offer

My offer means that if you are a Prison, Charity or Local Authority I will deliver a FREE talk to the clients you support. 

The talk I offer is called ‘Change is Possible’ – I begin by connecting with them, as they will see that I have walked in their shoes… The talk will promote ‘Personal Responsibility’ and will unpick the blocks that get in the way of CHANGE. 


The delegates will walk away with a feeling of hope and the understanding of how to both ‘Ask for help’, but more importantly ‘How to Accept’ the help that is offered.


Please contact me if you would like to benefit from my ‘Buy One Give One’ Offer





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