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Inspirational Speaking

Welcome to my Inspirational Speaking page, and the question now is why would you book me?

Fundamentally, I am the same as you. I am a human being. The thing that makes me a little different is that I have had to overcome great personal adversity and I now use this to motivate, coach and inspire others.

With my down to earth approach, which allows me to relate to others on a human level and without unnecessary jargon, I connect with audiences from all demographics.

My Inspirational speeches will give you an opportunity to question where your life is going.

  • Do you struggle with the changes taking place in your life?

  • Do you sometimes feel trapped?

  • Do you want more from life?

In the past I have answered yes to all these questions too, however, I have now found a solution. I now no longer fear change, in contrast, I seek and embrace it. I am not trapped, I am free. I know life has no limits and my future is a blank canvas

What about you?

    • Are you curious?
    • Would you like to know more?
    • Would you like to hear me Talk about my solution?

I set up Talks within Portsmouth and Hampshire that inspire and motivate. All Talks are advertised on my website and in my bi-monthly newsletter. Please sign up below and I will keep you updated. If you live in another part of the UK and feel a Talk would be well received in your area, please contact me and we will see how we can make this happen.

Sign up today and sign up to change.


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