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Matthew Nineham

Gethin became my manager within my previous role, at the time the service was going through many changes, there were complex team dynamics and overall moral within our team was at an all-time low. I personally found it hard to work with certain colleagues and it was obviously impacting on my work but also the team as a whole. Gethin came into our service with a fresh approach, it was about getting to know each individual in the team and identifying their strengths and development needs to strengthen the team as a whole. Gethin was able to identify a training opportunity to the team on how to communicate with one another and to this day my colleagues and I still benefit from this approach.

I had been doing my previous role for many years and found progression into more managerial roles was limited. I had noticed that my role had started to become redundant and I look back at how frustrated I had become. Gethin really got to know my beliefs, values and where I wanted to be in my career. Gethin was always approachable and would always challenge barriers I would use and really focused on supporting me to find solutions. This led me to gain confidence and experience in supporting volunteers which through ongoing support and guidance from Gethin helped unlock my potential which has led to my current role today.

Gethin is an inspirational person, he is person centred and solution focused I am so thankful that he was my manager not just for me personally but the impact he made on our team today. I would whole heartily recommend Gethin to help support you.

Matthew Nineham
Volunteer Coordinator – Portsmouth City Council