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Sue White

Team Leader

Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service

IMG_3802Feedback from delegates was that his talk was “Amazing, his take on life and how he managed to change things around”. They also thought it was “Powerful”, “Inspirational” and “wished he had had more time to talk”.  They felt that it was a positive message that “even if you don’t feel that you are making a difference at the time you can help turn people’s lives around”.

Gethin was a fantastic speaker who engaged our foster carers and team giving us lots to think about and ideas that we could put into practice. His experience is particularly relevant to foster carers and other people working with Looked After Children as he is able to give a rare insight into the lives of the children, parents and professionals that we work with.

Dominic Thompson

Higher Education Manager/Teaching and Learning Coach

Working with Gethin has been easy; from initial contact on LinkedIn, to phone conversations and finally delivery of the product has taken 5 days.

Gethin understood the brief immediately and was able to deliver exactly what we needed to help our students deal with isolation in these clearly challenging times. The personal story/touch combined with his passion for developing resilience is impressive.


Liz Crate

Operations Manager, Solent Jobs Programme at Southampton City Council


Gethin had delivered a ‘Seeds of Belief’ Development Programme to our Clients, and due to the success of this Programme, I asked Gethin to deliver his ‘Art of Communication’ Workshop to the Support Workers. These was a mixture of Staff from Portsmouth City Council, The Wheatsheaf Trust and Southhampton City Council.


Below are a selection of Comments from Delegates:

‘I found Gethin a very inspirational man and the facilitator of an excellent Workshop. It really made you think about how you communicate with clients and how different approaches / changing approaches can benefit your working relationship with a client to gain the best possible outcome for them.’

‘Gethin’s personal story – though extreme – was fascinating. The part of the Training I found most useful was probably the Transactional Analysis. It made me reflect on my own style of practice when working with clients.’

‘Gethin clearly knew his subject and his Delivery was engaging.’

‘Yesterday’s training was really enjoyable and I feel that we covered the objectives that were set at the beginning, of raising awareness. It was eye opening and I can definitely find myself referring back to certain sections to make sure I am more effective with my Delivery.


Sara Sweeney

 Service Leader Portsmouth City Council

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAiGAAAAJDM4Mjk2MzhiLTQ1ZjgtNGU1ZS1hODk1LTM4NjFmNmU3Yjc5NQGethin had an unstructured Brief, however as he knows the work the Team carry out, he was able to develop an empowering workshop that allowed practitioners to reflect on their practice and see things from another perspective.

Gethin listened to the brief and understood the work the team carry out on a daily basis. With this information he was developed an empowering workshop that allowed practitioners to reflect on their practice and see things from another perspective.

The session was both relaxed and informative, and the style allowed for free thinking and sharing of ideas. ‘Working with’ to develop ideas, rather than being ‘lectured’.  

In discussion with the Team, they really liked the Presentation and felt it enhanced their Learning.  Some Practitioners felt is enabled them to move away from the rescuing and creating dependency mode and enabling their young people to seek solutions with support, rather than be provided with the answers.

The session offered great value and expressed how ‘one size does not fit all’ – ‘let’s start looking at the bigger picture and remember change is possible, and keep persevering’.


Sarah Newman

Deputy Director of Children’s Services Portsmouth City Council

Sarah Newman Headshot

Gethin’s Workshop fully met the Brief. It was particularly useful to revisit Engaging for Change and Motivation for Change

The content was interesting. It used personal story telling, which is meaningful and inspiring. The Workshop allowed the Team to revisit how they are working with complexity from a different perspective & offered some valuable nuggets of creativity, intensity & persistence.


Portsmouth University Criminology Department

Megan Thomas – Portsmouth University Criminology Department 


Gethin presented a lecture on my Level 5 Community Justice module (within ICJS at the University of Portsmouth), many of the students in the group are considering careers within probation or the criminal justice system.

The lecture was very well pitched and gave them a really important insight into the experience of someone who has been through the criminal justice system and is now able to identify what and who helped them to stop offending.

I really appreciated Gethin’s honesty in telling his story and I know the students did too.  I feel that it is very important to hear real life examples to enable the students to really appreciate the realities of what they are reading, talking and writing about within their studies.