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If you are looking for a Keynote Speaker who has the ability to inspire your Workforce – read on.

Public Service Workforces are under pressure every day. I hear first hand how Prison Officers, Social Workers and Support Workers are having to manage those most in need. I hear stories from staff of how they want to make a difference but struggle to maintain belief in times of austerity. 

If this is your team then one of my keynotes will give your staff the lift that will enable them to continue to offer the support to those most in need. 

My talks share the powerful message of how…

‘It was not the system that rehabilitated me it was the individuals that worked within it’

My inspirational talks explain how no intervention is wasted and how we are all part of the clients  journey of change.

I will share stories of the individuals that impacted my life over 20 years. These stories will bring value to what your staff deliver everyday. 

Staff will walk away 

  • Feeling revitalised and ready to support those most in need.
  • Remembering the impact they have had in the life of an individual.
  • With a story that they can pass on to those that feel hopeless.


I can deliver keynotes for 

  • All Staff Briefs
  • Team Meetings 
  • Team Away Days
  • Staff Conferences
  • Stakeholder Events (including After Dinner Speeches)
  • Fundraising Events


All of my Keynotes can be adapted to meet your needs 

Contact me today for prices


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