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Keynote – Prison cell to Boardroom

This keynote looks at diversity and transferable skills 

Would you recruit…

  • someone with 56 offences and 18 convictions? 
  • Someone who spent 8 years behind bars?
  • Someone who left school at 12?
  • Someone who had been a dependent drug user?

The common answer is no, but fortunately for me someone did

I will share  my personal story that is full of resilience and strength of character. You will hear about the transferrable skills that enabled me to become an successful Manager and leader. 

I will share about the amazingly creative and forward thinkers that recruited me. I will share how I too used their creative open minded way of thinking. This way thinking enabled me to create high functioning teams and fix broken or dysfunctional teams.

This talk will… 

  • Highlight the talent that sits within your teams.
  • Show you how you could develop those who you would not usually consider.
  • Will make you question how well you tap into the diversity that is within your reach.