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John Bolderson

John Bolderson

In 2014 I left the prison service to work for Portsmouth council working with perpetrators of domestic violence. I found the transition of roles very difficult and struggled with my emotions and motivation in my new position. I started going to the doctors and counsellor’s and was eventually referred to the mental health team where I was diagnosed with PTSD=. With this and the break-up of my marriage life was very difficult.
December 2015 I started meeting with Gethin, I can honestly say I found Gethin to be truly inspirational. Inspirational is a word I very rarely use to describe someone I have met, but his past and passion to squeeze every drop out of life is contagious. Gethin’s ability to make my complicated problems seem very simple to solve, gave me the base to rebuild my life and follow my future goals.
Everything with Gethin is natural – he uses sense of humour in a way that motivates and he will always gives you his full attention it never feels put on, or that you’re interrupting his time. From working with Gethin I have found my motivation again, I complete the goals I set and now put maximum effort into everything I do, life has a meaning again.
I would recommend Gethin to anyone that has lost their way in life or stuck in a place that seems impossible to get out from, personally I cannot thank Gethin enough.
John Bolderson, Domestic Abuse Perpraters programme coordinator