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Jenny Cox

Jenny Cox

Working with Gethin was a great decision – it gave me the opportunity to take stock and really allowed me to focus on what was important to me.

I would recommend working with Gethin if you are looking need to develop your skill sets or if you are just a little lost and need help trying to ascertain what your future could look like.

I sought support from Gethin Jones whilst managing a coffee shop within Portsmouth the purpose of the sessions was to focus on me being more assertive within my role and improve my management skills.

Gethin’s approach was relaxed, welcoming and I felt engaged throughout the sessions. I always felt I was in a safe and nurturing environment and I was very impressed that after the sessions Gethin took time to send I feedback emails highlighting key points discussed and links detailing further information which may be useful for me.

I valued Gethin’s feedback and his scope to highlight abilities I was unaware off, this awareness and understanding led me to increased confidence and the realisation that my work role didn’t just have to be about earning a wage. Gethin’s sessions made me question my future and start to look at how I could set about developing a fulfilling career that was worthy of my skill set.

After each session achievable tasks were set, I found this focused my energy every week and enabled me to progress steadily over a period of time. Taking small steps was much less daunting then trying to solve my whole future. This approach helped me completely change my career path and move back into full time education to re-train for a different career.

Jenny Cox, Operations Manager