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Inspiring the Young

Victoria Burnand

Catch 22  – Employability Tutor

C12 Unlock_ Gethin and group 1 2Gethin’s communication prior to the talk was excellent. He was responsive to emails and calls, and ensured that we were clear of the brief. He managed our expectations and requirements brilliantly.

We work with young people, some of whom may have faced, or are currently facing, significant barriers to progression in education, employment and/or their personal lives.

We wanted to give our students the opportunity to hear an inspirational talk about the possibility of creating positive changes in one’s life, but we felt this important message was better delivered by someone credible, who had been through their own personal journey.

We wanted a guest speaker talk to be appropriately pitched to our students, who are a diverse group. Gethin used appropriate language, and his engaging style encouraged our students to listen and even ask questions. He used different analogies, to ensure that students of all ability levels were able to access the talk. Gethin also engaged with our students after the talk, and ensured that each person he spoke to felt valued.

In terms of value to the young people we work with, their words say more than I could. When asked, “What do you think Gethin’s main message was? What will you take away from the talk?”, their answers were:

  • “No matter what you done in your life there is always another road to take”
  • “Don’t let anyone  hold you back”
  • “Don’t give up”
  • “That nothing is unachievable”
  • “Actions speak louder than words”
  • “That people  can change no matter what upbringing”
  • “Ask for help if you need it and don’t listen to anything negative someone says about you”