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Keynote “Cultivating Belief”

This Keynote is based on my personal story and shares how we create belief systems. 

Belief systems have the ability to hold us back or push us forward. This talk enables the audience to understand their own belief systems. The audience will see how they affect their lives both personally and professionally. This talk also has a version that is available for young people.

I will share a belief system that led me to believe

  • I was a failure 
  • I was thick
  • I would never achieve
  • I would never be worth more than a Prison cell, a council estate and a bag of drugs

I will  share how I created a belief system that delivered a complete transformation from who I once was to who I am now. The talk will give great takeaways of how we can all

“Do More and Be More” through a

Think it – Say it – Do it attitude.