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Chris Burnett (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

Client Director UK Central Government

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_194fHPE worked with Gethin in order to promote a positive image with the UK justice sector and make a new connections in a rapidly evolving market. In partnership with Gethin we hosted an event at our offices in central London, which focused on the topic of prisoner rehabilitation. The event was not technology focused but more about understanding how a rehabilitation process can be approved and enhanced across a number of areas, including technology and innovation

Gethin worked tirelessly to attract the necessary speakers as well as using all of his contacts to drive up attendance, and provided regular updates over a four month period leading up to the event. The event itself was extremely successful in every aspect. It has helped HPE to raise a positive profile in in important sector and build new and lasting relationships with key individuals.

The feedback we have received from everyone that attended was very positive with the highlight being Gethin’s presentation. Gethin’s life story is one that will leave you shocked but ultimately inspired, and motivated. The lessons learned can be used in both life coaching and success in business It has been a pleasure working with Gethin!

Hayley Taylor (Nationwide Building Society)

Engagement & Events Manager 

Nationwide conference at NSBRC 8934We approached Gethin after a recommendation from a colleague, who saw him speak to a group who appeared disengaged by other speakers but captivated by Gethin’s authentic and genuine personality. 

 The brief was met perfectly. The main purpose of including a motivational speaker in our event was to inspire our Social Investment Champions/Ambassadors and to help them understand the importance of storytelling, which would then increase colleague engagement and involvement across Nationwide.

Nationwide conference at NSBRC 4085The Keynote and breakout workshops were engaging and inspiring. Following Gethin’s introductory session we asked our colleagues, ‘How did Gethin’s story make you feel in one word?, and in response, some words used were ‘inspired’, ‘motivated’, ‘emotional’, ‘powerful’, ‘encouraged’ and ‘brave’. In our post event survey, Gethin’s breakout session was voted the top session of the day and colleague responses absolutely mirrored this:

 ‘I liked how honest Gethin was about his past. It was inspiring to see how his self-belief, drive and perseverance turned a very negative situation, in to a positive one that he is using to influence others.’

‘I was totally inspired by his talk with us especially how volunteers can have such an impact. I have since read his book, he is open, honest and would recommend everyone to read it.’

 And many of the answers when asked ‘What is the first thing you will do because of Social Investment Live’ said: ‘Share my story (and other stories)’ with one person stating they now felt brave enough to open up and tell their story to inspire others.



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