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Welcome to my Coaching and Mentoring page, let’s see if Coaching is for you?

  • Do you want more from life?
  • Do you sometimes feel trapped?
  • Do you struggle with the changes happening in your life?

In the past I have answered YES to all these questions, however, through coaching I have found a solution. I no longer fear change, but in contrast, I seek and embrace it.

“Today I am not trapped, I am free”

Today I know life has no limits and my future is a blank canvas. I am an individual who has had to make huge personal changes, which have led to the complete transformation of my character.

I am able to use this personal experience to coach you in order to help you fully achieve your own changes. I will also mentor, treat you as a peer and, where appropriate, I will share my own experience of the transformation process.

It’s now time to take the next step

I will offer you a FREE 1 hour session in person in Portsmouth, or alternatively by Video Call. This will enable me to find out who you are and to allow you the chance to find out more about me and my story. During this process I will be assessing what level of coaching support you may need. I will record this and create a proposal which will include a bespoke programme of sessions designed to meet your needs.

What have you got to lose? Call me today and make a positive difference to your life.