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Art of Communication workshops

Workshop – (20 staff maximum, three hours)

Art of Communication workshops

The programme will start with my own story. This story will show how individuals within Prisons and wider support services engaged me and supported my transformation. I will also share my professional experience of supporting vulnerable groups. The programmes will increase participant’s levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This will enhance their ability to engage and support those most in need and support positive organisational outcomes.

The content will include: –

  • My Story
  • What is the Prison Officer Role – Understanding of role and responsibility.
  • Rapport/relationship building – How this links to supporting residents (Direct link to FMI training)
  • Narratives – Understanding both client’s and their own narratives.
  • Scenarios – Linked to their Prison Officer role.


  • Dr Eric Berne’s Parent-Adult-Child Model – This will increase personal awareness and show how communication styles can be adapted dependent on the residents individual needs.
  • Challenge and Support– I will be explaining how to best challenge and support and this will link to the Parent-Adult-Child model.
  • Relationship building – Steve Covey’s Emotional Bank – We will explore how to build relationships through rapport.