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My story

I was a very sensitive child and felt lost from a young age. I was unable to deal with my emotions and this expressed itself through negative behaviour. Before long I was described as being beyond parental control and I was taken away from my family and placed in the care system. This experience catapulted my life into a pattern of self-destruction and led to a 20 year relationship with the Criminal Justice System. This included spending 8 years of my life in HM Prison and a dependency on drugs.

At the age of 34, I made the decision to change. I did not want to continue down a path that would, ultimately, lead to further time behind bars or an early death through overdose. Since making this decision in 2006, I have gone through a process of complete transformation in both my personal and professional life. Today, I have an unshakeable belief in myself and I have achieved huge success..

My transformation involved developing a high level of self awareness and emotional intelligence. It is this that has enable me to understand the world around me. 

  • 2006 I had no qualifications – Seven years later I had educated myself to the equivalent of a degree.
  • 2006 I had no work history – Within seven years I went from 2 hours a week volunteering to overseeing a staff of forty within Portsmouth City Council and Public Health.
  • 2006 I had no social skills –  Seven years later I am now delivering Inspirational talks to audiences of 200 plus people.
  • 2006 I had no belief in myself – Eight years later I had the unshakable belief in myself that I could set up this business. 

 I found a way to unlock my own potential, I now use this formula to create high performing individuals and teams within Prisons, Charities and Local Authorities.

If you feel I can support you or your team please take a look at my services pages and please contact me  for more details