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Privilege is a gift worth sharing

I recently created a post on LinkedIn that looked at fate and how it impacts our lives. I used the analogy of an acorn falling from a tree. The reason for this is I have recently become aware of what it means to come from privilege.

Imagine if you was once an acorn and on the day of your birth you fell from the tree, Did you land on ground that had all the nutrients and sunlight and water for you to grow into a great oak?

Did you have both parents? Did you have an extended family? Did you have full time education? Did you go to after school clubs? Did you go on holidays? Did you have food in the cupboard? Did you go to college? Did you go to university? Did you have an allowance and on tap support from your family?

This is privilege and this gives you a head start

When I landed and opened my eyes a cow came along and shit all over me. I then had to battle my way through the shit that wanted to suffocate me, I battled for 35 years.

I had no privilege and I had to accept where I landed

I was born into a dysfunctional family… I don believe there are any functional ones out there, but mine was certainly dysfunctional.

Social care was there from the day I was born. My Dad left at 3 years of age, I went into foster care at 3 years of age and again at 5 years of age. My only support was my brother and he was taking into care when I was 9 years of age.

My life went out of control from here, my behaviour escalated and here is the next 26 years

  • 11 years old full care order
  • 11 years old first criminal conviction
  • 13 years old expelled from School
  • 14 years old first custodial sentence
  • 14 years old secure units
  • 15 years old secure units
  • 15 years old second custodial sentence
  • 15 – 35 – 8 years in prison, dependent heroin user, homeless hostel break down of all significant relationships

This was the shit I battled through, in 2006 I popped through the top and could see the beauty around me. I am so grateful for that shit as it gave me inner STRENGTH, COURAGE and RESILIENCE.

Today I have privilege as I have been helped and supported by many. Today I dedicate my life to reaching out my hand to those leaving care and those trapped in Prison

Today I want you to ask yourself some question…

What do you do with your privilege?

Do you share the gold you have been given, and use it to help others?

Or do you use it to create more wealth that further separates you from those who have nothing?

When we leave this earth, you may be remembered for your wealth but in truth you will be only be respected and honoured for what you selflessly gave to others.

Privilege its a gift we can pass on to others 😊

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    Judith Butler


    A really well written view of privilege. Simple and impactful and very powerful. The only one observation is some people with apparent privileges have lots of material gifts but lack love and time to be loved. I’m really inspired by your post. It’s a beautiful description of how we land.


    • Avatar

      Gethin Jones


      Hi Judith,

      I agree as I was once asked to deliver a talk called “The truth about drugs” to a group of year 10s at a private school where there was an issue with drug use.

      I explained to the head that its not what they use but why they use it, many of the young people are fixing an unmet need and this is because the parents are not always present and will substitute by giving them gifts and money. The greatest and most beneficial gifts you can give your child is time and love.

      Thank you for your comment



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    Excellent article Gethin. Only those born into the poor trap understand how stifling and restricting it can be for your entire life. I’m fairly intelligent yet left School early with no qualifications due to family issues. I’ve worked all those years in dead-end jobs and truly believe the saying ‘born poor, die poor’. I understand you make your own way in life but the start you have matters greatly.


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    S A


    “Privilege its a gift we can pass on to others” well said!


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