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Mind-sets what does that really mean?

I was in a coffee shop with a dear friend yesterday and we were discussing mind-sets. It is one of those new terms that we are hearing in business every day FIXED MIND SET Vs GROWTH MIND SET.

During the chat we discussed my own CHANGE and how I went from the person I once was to who I am now. CHANGE is an understatement of what happened to me I like to call it a complete TRANSFORMATION. I had a psychic shift that made me look at life in a completely new way.

Today I am a behaviour change specialist and have worked with individuals for over 10 years. Within my previous career I was called a substance misuse worker, a support worker, a youth worker, to name but a few. I then went into management and started to manage the services I once worked in. I started to see similarities within their roles, I started to get the workforce to see themselves as behaviour change practitioners, this opened up their “Mind-sets” and helped them see possibilities of how they could develop professionally through austerity.

The majority of the clients they worked with had negative behaviours that stopped them from progressing in life. These clients had what we call a FIXED MIND SET that meant they resisted any form of CHANGE. The only way for them to really CHANGE would be for them to develop a GROWTH MIND SET, and that my friend is easier said than done.

Let’s have a look at you right now… Do you have a FIXED MIND SET or a GROWTH MIND SET?  for you to really know you need to have an HONEST look at yourself (HONESTY is a key component of a GROWTH MIND SET) This is hard to do as a FIXED MIND SET is usually dominated by DENIAL (key component of the FIXED MIND SET) that is fed with FEAR (another key component of the FIXED MIND SET).

Let’s put something else in the mix, I believe I am both  a FIXED and GROWTH MIND SET What do I mean by that?

In business I have a GROWTH MIND SET but within me within my intimate relationships I have become FIXED. Let me give you some insight into both.

I was in a long-term relationship and at the start we grew together, and the relationship became amazing. This relationship coincided with my complete TRANSFORMATION of who I once was to who I am now. At the start of my TRANSFORMATION I was unemployable, but I started to develop BELIEF (key component of GROWTH MIND SET) in who I was, I went from promotion to promotion and gained qualification after qualification.

On the opposite side I became a FIXED MIND SET in my relationship and my DENIAL meant I did not see the cracks that were appearing within the relationship. Unfortunately, this relationship ended last year. On a good note we are both still friends, as we both know that BITTERNESS and RESENTMENT is not a good way to end any relationship. This FIXED MIND SET has also left a legacy.

I now have a behaviour that needs to CHANGE. I want to start a new relationship but my FIXED MIND SET is holding me back. My FIXED MIND SET is fed by the FEAR that my next relationship will FAIL too.

Ok so now let’s go back to the GROWTH MIND SET as during my relationship and since the split I have been successful within business. My GROWTH MIND SET is driven by my BELIEF in myself, this BELIEF has enabled me to push through my FEAR. My GROWTH MIND SET has enable my business to grow at such pace that I have now recruited my first employee. I also have plans of how to scale up the business and also PIVOT into other areas (watch this space).

So let’s get to the conclusion of what is MY OPINION is (important to state as this subject is discussed by many). I BELIEVE that to have a GROWTH MIND SET you need to develop a “self-awareness” of who you are. Alongside this “self-awareness” you need to develop high levels of “emotional intelligence” as this will help you see how and why you make the decisions that lead you towards the FIXED or GROWTH way of thinking.

My BELIEF is that the GROWTH MIND SET is not just within the mind it is your being, it is your “INNER BELIEF” that sits within your heart and soul. The thinking mind is an amazing tool but the emotional awareness that sits within your spiritual self, will massively factor on SUCCESS or FAILURE. I say this as someone that has gone through a complete TRANSFORMATION and this was done Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually (not religious).

There is only one person that will lead to your SUCCESS or FAILURE and that is YOU. There is only one person who can CHOOSE a FIXED or GROWTH MIND SET and that is also YOU.

I am Gethin Jones from Unlocking Potential and people like me can only give you the KEY and show you the DOOR. It is your MIND-SET will determine if you open the door or walk straight past.


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    Hi Gethin. Love the web site. I really understand where your coming from. It’s lovely to know you’ve not only turned your life around but can now help so many others. I think my daughter would benefit from talking to you. Sometimes though we still need people to be there for us no matter how strong we think we are. Your work must drain a lot of energy from you so never think that can’t reach out to others when needed. It’s a human fact we all need someone there for us too no matter how strong we are. You have come along way and achieved so much. You should be so proud of yourself. God bless you.x


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