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How can you be a truly great leader

My business is about creating GREAT LEADERS and I have read many articles on what it takes to be a TRULY GREAT LEADER. With all this information WHY is it that we still have so many ineffective leaders and managers that destroy workforces?

Businesses lose 2.7 Billion a year due to dysfunctional teams, and who’s fault is that? The workforce? NO, its leadership teams and I’m going to explain WHY!

 Let’s look at another form of dysfunction. Here’s one that we all know “dysfunctional families” now this is a subject I know all about both personally and professionally. We have many people that say they grew up in a dysfunction family, but where does the dysfunction comes from? A lot of the time this is generational, PASSED from parent to child, until the cycle is broken.

When a child is being chaotic it is because the child is responding to its environment. Conclusion: if the parents are dysfunctional then the children will mirror the dysfunction.

I worked within the children’s and families sector for many years and although it was the child who was usually highlighted as the problem, WE KNEW it was the parents. When I went into work with a family 90% of my time was supporting the parents to step up, learn and ‘better understand’ how to communicate with their children.

This is exactly the same principle I have learnt when going into companies when there are high levels of dysfunction and a significant lack of communication. The CEO’s Directors and Managers all blame the staff. But I say “NO” it’s YOU that needs to change, YOU are the ones that are creating the systems and environments [YOUR TEAMS] are working within. YOU define, allow and nurture the culture! If YOU do not change, then YOU, like the families will subconsciously pass on any dysfunction.

So how do I do this?

I have my NVQ 5 in leadership and Management and also 8 years’ experience of managing successful teams, but I also have something else? I have high levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence that allows me to understand people. Do I understand them through psychometrically testing? Do I use assessment and profiling tools? Do I lay them on a couch and use psychotherapy skills? NO, I use my life experience.

I have a story that has led me to this point, you have your story too, but are you going to learn from it? Within my life I have had to learn to communicate at all levels. I’ve spent time in Prisons, on the streets, I’ve sat in boardrooms with doctorates and PHD’s. I’ve conversed with professors, politicians and philosophers.  And do you know what they all have in common? They are human…

This is the key to being an effective leader and manager, allow yourself to become human. Being human is when you can connect with the person you are sat across from. It is understanding their basic needs. Civilisation as we know it has been around for 6,000 years. We evolved through being human, relying on our basic instinct of understanding those around us. What we didn’t do was test everyone so as to understand how best to communicate with them.

We used our basic skills and it is this that has led us to where we are today. So, if you want to become a leader who is truly effective, the journey must start with YOU. Look at the decisions YOU are making. Look at how YOUR TEAM are responding to YOU. Learn to listen to understand and not simply respond. Find out WHY YOU make the decisions YOU MAKE. Develop a level of self-awareness that SUPPORTS YOU and those YOU LEAD.

Become a truly great human being and, by default, YOU will become the VERY BEST of LEADERS.

If you want more information on how to become a GREAT LEADER please contact me.

Gethin Jones “Unlocking Potential”

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