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Training and Workshops

When you attend training sessions currently, do you:

  • Leave wondering what the point was?
  • Question whether it was a good use of your time?
  • Find that you have forgotten the content of the training within days?

I believe that training should be something that:

  • You refer to regularly 
  • Can help you both personally and professionally
  • Fits the needs of your business
  • Inspires you to work harder and deliver more

If you agree with the above, you have come to the right place.

I am able to offer a wide range of training within Portsmouth, Hampshire and the UK. I offer bespoke training that meets the needs of your business, addressing short term, long term or one-off training needs.

A common format to my training sessions is a forty minute inspirational keynote talk related to your training, which will demonstrate how the training will increase productivity and personal belief in individuals, the business and the customers. Following the key note talk your bespoke training package will involve group sessions relevant to your goals and business, which will focus on strategies for support and direction. Staff will learn how to embed these in the organisation’s daily business and their personal and professional development.

The following are a selection of the training workshops I am able to deliver:

  • Managing for the first time
  • Managers guide to building teams
  • Managers guide to fixing a broken team
  • Supervising/appraisals
  • Leadership for managers
  • Challenge and support

The following are a selection of the keynotes with 3-5 hour workshops attached:

  • Breaking free from self imprisonment
  • Cultivating belief
  • The human condition (and the power this can have in business)
  • Who’s to blame? Workers or managers
  • Customer service – who really comes first…
  • Challenge and support

Please contact me to discuss your requirements so that I can design a bespoke training programme to meet the needs of your business and staff.