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Cultivating Belief Testimonials




Sharon Furtado – Domestic Abuse Operations manager 

I left feeling motivated to really consider what I want to do in the long term, and how I can motivate my team to reflect on their own professorial and personal goals. I want to plant seeds of belief!!

 Matt Mason  – John Pounds Centre Manager

Gethin grabbed my attention and I was hanging on every word. (LinkedIn Profile)

Rachael Aylmer – Freelance trainer (Associate of Partnership Projects)

Gethin, your journey has just began. I’m going to enjoy watching it develop – you have a natural ability to draw people in. charming but sincere and honest.

Gary Palmer  – Head of Centre at Cobnor Activities Centre Trust

A very powerful and personal account of ones journey through life! (LinkedIn Profile)

Caroline Wintershaw

Gethin is a genuine and warm positive person you want to trust and befriends with, which means you’d believe any advice he decided to give you.

Stephen Morgan  – Labor Cllr Portsmouth

Gethin delivers motivational speeches with passion and emotion. His life history has lessons for all and practical ideas to build confidence and personal resilience. A great public speaker! (LinkedIn Profile)

Nick Dorrington – Pompey Homes Director

I was invited to the motivation talk by Gethin Jones. Form the moment the talk began I found myself engrossed in the words he was saying. It really made me look at where I was in the world and reminded me change is possible and I have the power to unlock my potential. Great inspiration & motivation talk thank you Gethin. (LinkedIn Profile)

Jo Purdy – Substance Misuse Recovery hub Manager

Thoroughly enjoyed the talk, inspirational plus motivational. Thank you for the invite to your first one, I had a real proud moment and as you well know… Always believed in you! You will reach you own potential plus will unlock others!

Alan Knobel – Substance Misuse Co-ordinator 

Gethin’s talk was inspirational ! To understand where he has come from and got to was impressive. The talk was well linked together and made me go away with a new way of thinking. (LinkedIn Profile)

Sue Atkins – Sister Alcohol Specialist nurse service (Portsmouth)

Motivating and inspirational talk – difficult concepts made easy plus manageable. Positive thinking is refreshing. well done Gethin.

Holly Lovejoy – Estates Manager Portsmouth City Council Housing

Gethin’s unrelenting positivity plus his belief in a better world and future is like catching a true breath of fresh air. I can’t wait to see what he achieves next. (LinkedIn Profile)

Matthew Lovejoy – Estate Agent (Manager)

Gethin speaks with passion commitment and enthuses those who take the time to both reflect and embed his suggestions. He allows you to be at the driving seat of your own destiny. (LinkedIn Profile)

Vincent Driscoll – Learning Development Facilitator 

Gethin has an inspirational story to tell that we can all learn from (linkedIn Profile)

Sally Parish

I would recommend Gethin to motivate even a statue! It worked for me. Very inspiring, great story, amazing life change. would recommend as a motivational speaker I will tell all my colleagues.

Leyton Higgins – Year 10 head, school and parent council coordinator

Truly inspirational, raw, real and simple. Change can happen if you listen to Gethin’s story of cultivating change. Relevant for all walks of life! (LinkedIn Profile)

John Preston Owner, Preston Creative

You are a very wise man Gethin. With the great ability to reach the parts that other people can’t, we wish you well.. You are one of the good guys.

Keith Hopewell

Gethin Jones tells the tale of a much traversed child hood into the oblivion and back into the forest of imagination. Dreams and limitless opportunity and freedom.

Marjory Preston – Owner, Preston Creative

Even if you think you are going okay in your life, Gethin can really help you to focus your beliefs and energy to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Amelia Middlemiss – Alcohol Advisor and Project Manager

Loved the talk and definitely think it would benefit staff working with youth inclusion or behavior issue children due to the impact of the negative comments and watering the seed ” Really made me think and gave me ideas for change. ”

Patricia Gardener – Education Lunchtime supervisor

Self-belief in some situations are hard. I sometimes count backwards some people think I’m crazy. Plants growing is a good way to think. I got a card that says we plant the seeds but we make it grow. I will now look and think twice before giving up.

Catherine Gardener – Centre Manager

Interesting talk, both inspirational and motivational, makes you think about yourself and what you would like the change.

Haley Storey – Site Editor and Owner

Gethin has an interesting story and the way he delivers it is both engaging and moving. From beginning at rock bottom to changing his whole outlook to believe in himself is something that is inspiring and needs to be heard. (LinkedIn Profile)

Holly Eastlick – Public Health Practitioner

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Gethin’s talk but I am glad I went.  I felt engaged and interested in what he had to say whilst thinking and applying the information to my own life and thought process.  Thank you! (LinkedIn Profile)

Paul Smith – Addiction Counsellor

It is clear from the talk that Gethin has put the action that enable him to change and he shares his experience and  knowledge that is needed to enable change to happen. Hopefully in the future I will hear his follow on talks to maintaining belief through change. (LinkedIn Profile)

Cecile Todd – Head of Leasehold and Commercial Services

A thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational talk. Gethin speaks with honesty and without blame or guilt. Makes you believe it is possible to change your life. (LinkedIn Profile)