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Inspiring the Young

This series of inspirational talks is designed for:

  • Young people who are about to leave School or College 
  • Young people who are unsure of their next step
  • Those who work with challenging young people who perhaps resist offers of help and support

If yes then why now book one of my inspirational talks that have the ability to connect with young people and help to unlock the true potential they hold within themselves.

With a natural gift for engaging and motivating young people of all ages and from all backgrounds, I get young people to sit up and listen and I connect with them individually.

My talks focus on three key themes:

These themes have been designed to give young people the skills and understanding to develop within their own lives and achieve unimaginable possibilities.

My experience

With personal experience as a young person growing up in Portsmouth I struggled with my choices in life, my talks explain on how I overcame my past and connected with my true potential. Once I unlocked my potential I became successful in both my personal and professional life.

My experience has given me the ability to believe that as human beings we can overcome and achieve anything, no matter what our circumstances are. I share this with learners through experiential learning.

Please contact me if you would like me to speak at an event within your School or College. I am happy to create bespoke talks to meet your needs. Together we can help the young people in our care with realistic tools and strategies that can last a life time

Go on lets make a real difference and together we can give your young people some realistic tools and strategies that can last a life time