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Keynote Speaking

Welcome to my keynote speaking page and I guess you are reading this as you considering if I am I the keynote speaker for you?

Well for you to make that decision you need to know who I am and what I can deliver.

Firstly I should start by saying what I am not, and what I am not is a university graduate or corporately trained keynote speaker.

So who am I?

Gethin Jones is someone uniquely different, I was a child who went into the care system, prison system and became dependent on drugs, my destiny was to overdose or die in Prison.

At the age of 34 I was unemployable and my future was bleak but what I did in an eight year period was truly amazing I completely transformed who I was and become an effective manager within local authority. Within my roles I was recognised as a leader who could develop teams and bring them successfully through change and restructure, alongside this I educated myself to degree level.

So what can I deliver for you?

I am a common sense guy who has exceptional communication skills I have a gift of being being able to deliver powerful punchy talks that has the ability to captivate and inspire whilst delivering the message you need the audience to take away…

The following are a selection of the keynotes:

Over to you 

Go on try something different – call me today and let’s see if I am the one that will inspire your audience…