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If you are looking for a keynote speaker who is authentic and unique then contact me.

I can deliver keynotes for 

  • Staff Conferences
  • Stakeholder Events (including after dinner speeches)
  • Fundraising Events
  • Team Days
  • Team Meetings
  • I also deliver keynotes for services that support vulnerable groups  – Testimonial

The following are a selection of keynotes I offer:

  • Cultivating Belief  – This is a story that will inspire and motivate.

           Read more  – Testimonials

  • The Cave – This talk is ideal for teams or businesses that are experiencing organisational change

           Read more –  Testimonials 

  • The Art of Communication – How well does your team communicate? This talk will increase productivity and sales – This talk delivers best results when delivered as part of a workshop (My number one best seller).

             Read more  –  Testimonials 

  • Prison Cell to Boardroom – This is a great story that explores diversity and transferable skills.

           Read more  – Testimonials 

  • Scrooge – I have created a six change development programme based on the story of Scrooge read more… 

All of my keynotes can be adapted to meet your needs 

Contact me today for prices