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windows by Gethin T Jones

Windows – a book about unlocking the potential

Windows – a book about unlocking potential

This is the first chapter of a book I’d like to write about my life, unlocking potential and what I’ve learnt form both sides of the tracks –  I would really appreciate your views on it . . .

What a beautiful day! I am on a train travelling north to deliver my first appointment as a professional speaker. How did my life get to this point? I look out of the window – it’s a delightful Spring day in April. The sun is shining and the bright colours of spring are washing over me, the beauty leads to a deep breath and a feeling of being grateful for my life today.

Looking out of this window makes me think of the many other windows I have looked out of throughout my life, the people and places that are related to those windows, some are still in my life today – others are gone and some, are shadowy figures that I can’t quite remember.

Portsmouth volunteering awards

Portsmouth Inspiring Volunteers Awards

Volunteering Awards

The date is booked for Wednesday the 2nd June where I will be delivering my first key note speech at the Portsmouth Volunteering Awards that have been set up by Brian Bracher from Portsmouth Together.

Meeting with Brian, I get the brief that explains that I need to deliver a speech that expresses how volunteering can change your life and to get the audience to consider why they volunteer and what they gain.

Its now time to prepare as I have only 10 minutes to deliver this which is going to be tricky as I have so much to say and I run the risk of speaking too fast. Thinking about my speech and delivery gives me the familiar feeling of fear, I smile as I know fear will never hold me back.


Cultivating Belief to enable change

Belief – what is it and how do we get it?

Belief is a strong word and can mean many things to many people, some may have spiritual or religious beliefs, some people may have negative beliefs and some people beliefs may be positive, some people believe in others and not themselves and some people believe in themselves but not others… everyone has beliefs and these beliefs can dictate a person’s personal narrative and outlook on life and this directly contributes how they interact with the world.