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My story

I was a very sensitive child and felt lost from a young age. I was unable to deal with my emotions and this expressed itself through negative behaviour. Before long I was described as being beyond parental control and I was taken away from my family and placed in the care system. This experience catapulted my life into a pattern of self-destruction and led to a 20 year relationship with the Criminal Justice System. This included spending 8 years of my life in HM Prison and a dependency on drugs.

At the age of 34, I made the decision to change. I did not want to continue down a path that would, ultimately, lead to further time behind bars or an early death through overdose. Since making this decision in 2006, I have gone through a process of complete transformation in both my personal and professional life. Today, I have an unshakeable belief in myself and I have achieved huge success..

My transformation involved developing a high level of self awareness and emotional intelligence. It is this that has enable me to understand the world around me. 

  • 2006 I had no qualifications – Seven years later I am now educated to the equivalent of a degree.
  • 2006 I had no work history – Within seven years I went from 2 hours a week volunteering to overseeing a staff of forty within Portsmouth City Council and Public Health.
  • 2006 I had no social skills –  Seven years later I am now delivering Inspirational talks to audiences of 200 plus people.
  • 2006 I had no belief in myself – Eight years later I had the unshakable belief in myself that I could set up this business. 

 I found a way to unlock my own potential, I now use this formula to create high performing individuals and teams

I am a natural leader, I have a track record of supporting, motivating and developing teams to increase productivity. I develop teams so they can make decisions that support both theirs and your futures. I have exceptional communication skills and the ability to motivate people who are resisting or experiencing uncomfortable change. My positive attitude and experiences enable me to hold the attention of and relate to teams and individuals, building the belief that anything is possible if you have the desire and belief to achieve it.

If you feel I can support you or your team please take a look at my services pages and please contact me  for more details 


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