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about unlocking the potential

Who Am I?

My name is Gethin Jones and I am here to help you Unlock The Potential. Unlocking the potential is about getting the most out of your life, right now!

While I am many things to many people, fundamentally I am the same as you; I am a human being. So why am I a Professional Inspirational Speaker and Coach? Why would you want to hire or listen to me?

In my life I have had to overcome great personal obstacles. These obstacles dictated a future that said I would never achieve or amount to anything. I was a lost cause and by the age of 34 I had lost all belief in myself and I mistrusted the world around me and the people in it. I truly believed that my life was over.

How did I get to this point?

I was a very sensitive child and felt lost from a young age. I was unable to deal with my emotions and this expressed itself through negative behaviour. Before long I was described as being beyond parental control and I was eventually taken away from my family and placed in the care system. This experience catapulted my life into a pattern of self-destruction and led to a 20 year relationship with the Criminal Justice System. This included spending 8 years of my life in HM Prison and a dependency on drugs.

At the age of 34, I made the decision to change. I did not want to continue down the path to a lonely existence that would, ultimately, lead to further time behind bars or an early death through overdose. Since making this decision 10 years ago, I have gone through a process of complete transformation in both my personal and professional life. Today, I have an unshakeable belief in myself and I have achieved huge success both personally and professionally.

I am here today because of the love and care that I have received from those people who believed in me along the way: strangers, colleagues, friends and family. These individuals have enabled me to create an internal belief in the world we live in and the people who make up our world. My experience has helped me to understand the power that sits within the human condition and how this power can make any dream come true.

Skills and experience

A natural leader, I have a track record of supporting, motivating and coaching teams through organisational change. I coach individuals within teams so they can make decisions that support their futures. I have exceptional communication skills and the ability to motivate people who are resisting or experiencing uncomfortable change. My positive attitude and experiences enable me to hold the attention of and relate to teams and individuals, building the belief that anything is possible if you have the desire and belief to achieve it.

Within my coaching and professional speaking sessions, I introduce the idea that when you confront and embrace change you open up the possibility of future dreams becoming reality. I am the living proof that if you challenge fear and embrace change, anything is possible. My unique skill-set lies in Unlocking Potential and I live and breathe what I deliver.

If you feel I can support you or your team please contact me.