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Cultivating Belief to enable change

Belief – what is it and how do we get it?

Belief is a strong word and can mean many things to many people, some may have spiritual or religious beliefs, some people may have negative beliefs and some people beliefs may be positive, some people believe in others and not themselves and some people believe in themselves but not others… everyone has beliefs and these beliefs can dictate a person’s personal narrative and outlook on life and this directly contributes how they interact with the world.

Can a belief system change?

I say yes and I am living proof of this…

Who was I?

I was a person that had lost belief in myself and others and this led me to a place where my life revolved around Drink, Drugs and Prison. I believed that I would never amount to anything and the life I was leading would be my lot. I believed I was thick and would never get any kind of qualification. I believed that no one could help me and I believed it was everyone else fault that my life had fallen apart.

Who am I now?

I am a person that has an abundance of belief in myself, I am a person that believes in others and the abilities that sit within every one of us. I have a belief that no matter what happens in life it will be ok, I believe that I can achieve any goal I set and I also believe it is only me that can stop me from achieving my goals. I believe that my future has no limits and I will achieve everything I set my mind too.

So how did I go from such negative beliefs to such positive beliefs?

Well I learnt how to cultivated belief…  let me tell you how this was achieved

Cultivating is a really interesting word to me – the word represents gardening and when cultivating your garden you are nurturing,  feeding and caring so that you have a resilient healthy end product.

That’s what I had to do for me but how did that happen..?

Nurturing = Trusting

Trust is the main ingredient and mine started by trusting just one person, this took many years of consistency on their part they planted a seed and waited for it to grow. How did I know when it had taken root? I knew because I started to believe what they said.

So that was the start for me… trusting and believing in someone else, this person showed me that I could trust them. Next I had to learn to trust others so I looked at who the one person I trusted and looked at who they trusted, and I started to trust these people too, this led me to gaining more support (today these are the people I count as my friends). This process was taking care of me, I was nurturing my trust, both in others and myself. I am now in the beginning stages of trusting my own instinct so as to create meaningful relationships.

So here you have it – this was the first change in my belief system. I believed in others  – happy days –  but I needed more – now it was time to feed that belief. Feeding = Action

Action was my scariest next step but what action did I need to take? Well that comes back to my trust in others you see other people believed in me before I believed in myself.

So they would feed my belief (ideas) and say “Gethin I believe you have the intelligence to get a qualification”. This is where action kicks in as my belief says “no I can’t I am thick”. What do I do instead of listening to my doubts? I book on to a numeracy level one and pass it. Then I began to question my belief, I was cultivating? What did I do next? Book on and pass lots more courses and 8 years later I am educated to degree level!

Do I still believe I am thick?

Far from it – I am intelligent, I am articulate and more importantly I have the ability to learn and develop further. Caring = Personal Affirmation

So I am now well on my way to cultivating belief but at points my belief is still weak like a new tree that is growing, it has embedded roots, but it still vulnerable to elements such as strong winds.

My new belief is vulnerable like the new tree, life turns up like the winter winds and tries to uproot my belief. Others say it’s ok as they have strong belief, they are fully grown trees. Their belief is a short term fix and what I really need is my own strong belief that will give me strong roots that can hold me fast during life’s unsettling weather.

So I now link into my nurturing side. A friend said try giving yourself affirmation in the mirror every day for 30 days, give yourself two affirmation – two things you don’t believe about yourself. Now I use my feeding and I start the process of personal affirmation… wow now I am truly cultivating and the belief is growing every day the garden has plants growing in all direction and my roots are embedding into the earth.

Resilient healthy end product = Belief in abundance

Today I sit on a train typing on a computer starting a new chapter in my life  – starting my own business so as to take out the message of change and belief to the world. I am writing a book, creating training packages and delivering free motivational talks to vulnerable groups in the community that gave birth to the new me.

Do you know what I believe..?

I believe anything is possible and this is due to the many people who have believed and supported me I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Now I ask you as a reader. Can you help one person cultivate belief? If so go do it, go help them now…

Have you little belief? Look around and find people to trust and you can cultivate your belief in yourself and others like I have. I wish you luck and what is more I believe in you!

Gethin Jones

“unlocking my potential”

Can I help you unlock yours?

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