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We have all heard the saying

“There is no ‘I’ in team”

Well I say….

“There are three ‘I’s’ in personal ‘responsibility’ and what are you going to do to improve your team or business?”

UK businesses lose £2.7 billion a year through dysfunctional teams that are in conflict due to ineffective communication and a lack of understanding of each other. 

I will improve your teams performance by raising  self awareness and creating an environment that increases individuals understanding of emotional intelligence. High levels of awareness will improve communication and high levels of communication reduces dysfunction. Reduced dysfunction  will increase your productivity and bottom line.

Investing in my services is an investment in both yourself and your business. I will be listening to you, understanding your business and creating a programme that fits your staff teams development needs. 

Invest in my services and you will 

  • Build your teams confidence and belief in themselves and their colleagues.
  • Create high levels of communication 
  • Create the business success that meets your vision.
  • Become a leader that your team will not want to leave.

And this will

  • Increase your productivity
  • Increase your profits

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